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Shotblast Floors, Inc. has all the equipment and knowledge to get your DOT project’s completed correctly and on time. Whether it is with our 48” shot blaster with the capability of blasting up to 30,000 sq. ft. per hour or our 16” machines for handling all of the smaller jobs.
Shot Blasting is an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective method to prepare asphalt, concrete and steel surfaces for overlayments, light weight concretes or just texturing the surface.
Shot blasting is an alternative to diamond grinding, milling and open air blasting typically used to prepare roadways and bridge decks. Shot blasting has been shown to be effective in cleaning and improving the macro and micro textures of asphalt surfaces. Our systems are highly productive, leading to reduced lane closure times and minimal traffic disruption. Shot blasting has no detrimental effects on the structural integrity of the surface course. On worn-out roads, shot blasting can prolong the life of roadways, deterring the need to immediately invest in new surface course construction.
Shot Blasting Benefits:
From a sustainability perspective, preserving roadways and bridges instead of replacing them makes sense
Shotblasting does not require harsh chemicals or acids
When used properly, little to no dust is emitted into the atmosphere
This translates into higher skid resistance and safer roadways
The pavement life can be extended to five years, reducing the need to repave roadways
blasting up to 30,000 sq. ft. per hour means shorter lane closure times
It produces a clean profiled substrate in one pass with no chemicals or water